Focus Group Interviewing

Conducting successful focus groups is harder than it looks. It requires careful planning, effective recruiting, group process skills and the ability to conduct qualitative analysis. Listed below are resources to help prepare for successful focus group interviews:


Focus Group Research Methods – Notes. 2015. Richard A. Krueger, PhD, and Mary Anne Casey, PhD.

This document contains the essential information needed to conduct focus group interviews. We use this document when we teach classes on focus group interviewing. It is presented in outline form and is intended for quick reading.


Moderating Focus Groups. 30:13 minute video on YouTube

In 2004, our colleagues at the University of Minnesota helped us prepare this short video demonstrating a focus group interview. The video illustrates some of the techniques used when moderating.

Video Lecture: Moderating the Focus Group Interview. 34:27 minute YouTube video.
Richard Krueger and Mary Anne Casey present tips on moderating a focus group interview.

Video Lecture: Developing Questions for a Focus Group Interview. 46:10 minute YouTube video.
Richard Krueger and Mary Anne Casey offer suggestions on how to develop focus group questions.

Video Lecture: Recruiting Participants for a Focus Group Interview. 34:55 minute YouTube video.
Richard Krueger and Mary Anne Casey present a strategy for focus group recruiting.

Video Lecture: Analysis of the Focus Group Interview. 41:04 minute YouTube video.
Richard Krueger and Mary Anne Casey present tips and ideas for analyzing focus group interviews.

Video Demonstration: Demonstration Focus Group. 32:04 minute YouTube video.
Richard Krueger leads a focus group on healthy living.



focusgroup5Focus Group: A Practical Guide for Applied Research. 5th Edition.

Richard A. Krueger and Mary Anne Casey. 2015. Sage Publishing ISBN: 978-1-4833-6524-4

This is the most recent edition of our popular book on focus group interviewing. In this volume, we describe the current status of focus group interviews and take the reader through the steps needed to conduct a focus group study from planning, to recruiting, developing questions, moderating, analysis, and preparing the report. In addition, we offer practical tips and suggestions learned over decades of conducting focus group research.

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developingqsgroupDeveloping Questions for Focus Groups. Richard A. Krueger, 1998. Sage Publishing. ISBN: 0-7619-0819-6 paperback.

This book suggests ways of categorizing, phrasing, and sequencing focus group questions. In addition, there are ideas for questions that get participants actively involved in the focus group interview.

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moderatingfocusgroupsModerating Focus Groups. Richard A. Krueger, 1998. Sage Publishing. ISBN 0-7619-0821-8 paperback.

This book is an easy-to-read overview of the critical skills needed by moderators, the various approaches successful moderators use, and strategies for handling difficult situations. Novice moderators will find this book to be an invaluable guide and veteran moderators will discover tips and strategies for honing their skills.

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involvingcommmembersInvolving Community Members in Focus Groups. 1998. Richard A. Krueger and Jean A. King. Sage Publishing, ISBN 0-7619-0820-X paperback

This book offers countless tips, advice, and exercises for preparing people to conduct focus groups, whether you are preparing a team to conduct a community study or teaching one person to help in a study.

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analyzingandreportingAnalyzing and Reporting Focus Group Results. 1998. Richard A. Krueger, 1998. Sage Publishing. ISBN 0-7619-0816-1 paperback

This book offers an overview of important principles guiding focus group research and suggests a systematic and verifiable analysis strategy. The straightforward approach contains hundreds of helpful tips. The reader of this volume is bound to find delightful strategies that will improve analysis.

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