Planning Guide for Focus Groups
by Richard A. Krueger

Assuming a typical focus group study of 4-6 focus groups within the same community.

  1. Planning
    Conceptualizing the study, developing questions and arranging logistics
    Time Needed: 6-70 hours
  2. Recruiting
    Developing recruitment strategy and instruments, contacting potential participants, follow-up with letters and phone messages.
    Time Needed: 15-50 hours
  3. Moderating
    Moderate focus group and travel time for moderator and assistant.
    Time Needed: 24-36 hours
  4. Analysis
    Analyze results and prepare written report.
    Time Needed: 8-120 hours

    Add 35% more time if you’ve never done it before
    Add 20% more time if a committee has to approve draft
    Add 20% more time if recommendations are needed

  5. Other Costs:
    Travel expenses for moderator team, travel expenses for participants, honorariums or gifts, food, room charge, transcription charges, phone costs, equipment, tapes, supplies and equipment.

First Steps With Focus Group Studies

  1. Decide whether focus groups are appropriate
  2. Decide who to involve
  3. Listen to your target audience
  4. Put your thoughts in writing


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